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Construction applications and mold manufacturing, special type machinery manufacturing, hydraulic presses, crane types, power plant requirements, steel and prefabricated structures, surgical disposable mask machine and mask manufacturing, food trade.
Our company which started operations in 2000 with its 20 years of experience in the crane sector is advancing with sure steps in becoming one of the leading companies in the sector with the strength and confidence it receives from our valuable customers. DEWINCH which uses its engineering knowledge in the most effective manner from the project stage to the final product, is always improving itself with continued education. Our company which holds the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certificate is striving to assume a top level position in the domestic and foreign markets with increases in its activities in the fields of design, project, lifting appliances production, steel construction and consultancy.
As Arnikon we manufacture and supply crane, cranes, crane systems, electrical cranes, girder cranes, girder gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, cordless ground cars, ex-proof cranes, steel structures, crane system, electrical crane, girder crane, girder gantry crane, jib crane, hoist, cordless ground car, ex-proof crane, steel structure, double girder cranes, single girder cranes, double girder gantry cranes, single girder gantry cranes, rotary crane systems, special production process cranes, process cranes, overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, hoist, winch, monorail hoist, double girder gantry crane, single girder gantry crane, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, marble crane, construction crane, tower crane, chain hoist, ex-proof crane, atex crane, semi gantry crane, lifting equipment, transport machine, electical overhead crane, eot crane, monorail crane, lifting gantry, rail tyred gantry crane, light crane systems, drives, ship yard crane, steel wire rope hoist, kone crane, abus crane, verlinde, demag crane, stahl crane, rope guides, electrical panels, sirens, remote controls, pulley blocks, hook blocks, wheel blocks, steel wire ropes, travelling limit switches, liftin limit switches... ARNIKON ENGINEERING Years of experience and knowledge in the industry that combines engineering with the new brand, our company is proud to serve our valued customers. By bringing Cranes systems is a new perspective and the European production system transfer to our country, our company holds the maximum level of competitiveness in the abroad. our company is taking firm steps toward becoming a brand in the market with the support of its valued customers. In the sector, adopting the principle of engineering design quality production, determining the quality policy of not the price policy, our company is a brand that is becoming exemplary in the industry. Our company puts the weight of the sector in lifting and stacking machines, has become the meeting point for engineering, design and quality. Our company brings a new perspective to the conventional crane system, any system that would be needed in the industry has an infrastructure that can be designed and manufactured. Our general product range; • Standart Electrical Cranes • Double And Single Girder Cranes • Double And Single Girder Gantry Cranes • Jib Cranes • Cordless Ground Cars • Hoists • Rotary Crane Systems • Ex Proof Cranes • Special Production Process Cranes • Steel Structures MISSION ARNIKON Engineering; Engineering , Design and Quality is becoming a world brand by bringing together on crane systems ,Our firm combines with its workers and belongs to them.. Our motto is to bring is more important than earning. Our mission is to serve Turkish and World industry. VISION ARNIKON engineering is at peace with human and enviroment, oriented to development and technology and it is a leading brand for innovation in its industry. ARNIKON continues his way with an innovation viewpoint instead of traditionalist.
Since 2000, Overhead crane systems, hoist, crane services, crane maintenance is based in Istanbul was established in order to operate in the areas. Moving forward, to achieve better quality in terms of difficulties in enforcing the principle of self and instead of running away with a participatory approach, which has been trying to produce innovations, know-how with dynamic management cadres carried out by expert technical staff and skilled workers in our country as soon as possible as a result of a successful and forward-thinking strategies engineering services to the leading companies, the design studies and applications, gantry crane systems, gantry cranes, exproouf cranes and crane repair, crane maintenance to providing services in the fields, in order to better serve the people and the environment and resources of the workforce has developed continuously, manufacturing technologies, renewed is an important piece of this constant change and development projects threw taken its rightful place in the industry.
With its experience earned in 15 years in the sector, our company which has started to go into action, to present the dignity it gained to you, our invaluable clients, to progress into becoming one of the leading companies of the sector throughout the trust we won. To become the pioneer of the engineer knowledge in the sector, Wimac Crane & Engineering which uses it in the upmost efficient way from the project phase until the delivery, is constantly developing by the consistency of education. Having appealed to get the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certificate, still documentating its products with CE certificate. With its engineer and technical equip within its body, our company, is proceeding to the upmost levels by increasing its activities in the lifting equipment production, steel contsuction, consultancy in domestic and foreing markets through design, project and application.
Founded in early 2007, our company; Konya 1. Organize activities began in the industrial area of 2000 m2 closed area and currently continues to operate in Busan 3 total 4100 m2 of new factory building in Private Organized Industry. As Kran Crane Machinery since 2007, which he developed systems and innovative designs, and provide after-sales that dialogue established with customers who have safely marked the crane industry it serves and its has a legitimate place. CONSCIOUS MANUFACTURING, CONTINUOUS QUALITY, MAXIMUM CONFIDENCE... Our products; iron and steel industry, machinery manufacturers, dorseci, trailer are karasorcu, construction industry, casters, mermerciler and mining sectors, mainly textiles, food industry, and caters to many manufacturing and trading market. In addition, according to the shape of the company and we produce using different solutions in the design and manufacture special cranes and machinery. Steel Fabrication before we submerged arc welding is carried out with state of art technologies will be flushed paint painting parts with new products and entering care blasting technology. Our company has rich in machining precision machinery and parts are processed in our series CNC machines. Steel Fabrication in our ST 37, st52, 4140, 7131-8620 noble steel in gear, and other parts and wheels C1040 Ck45 materials are used. CE Following today's technology, ISO-9001, TS-HYB documents in our company right consistently good quality and series to produce a form of guaranteed products, reduce business delivery times, failure to download to a minimum level, establishing a quick service network, with the support we received from the customer satisfaction We want to serve our country rightly brandization.
<p>Our company was built in 1990 from Konya Bakircilar industry. Since 2001, it has been enlarged their manufacturing area to serve quality service and produce quality, economic products to our customers. It is going on to produce crane and crane equipment to become Europe standards with our modern factory.</p>

KCV Crane Systems Machine Metal Ltd.Sti.
We have been manufacturing cranes for our respected costumers using the latest technolog.
The quality of our products reflectts how successful we are in our work.
We have been implementing the best working conditions and keeping our prices competitive..

Double girder cranes, single girder cranes,gantry, monorail, trolley type and jib cranes, our company manufactures high technology provided by using all the oppurtunities, the experienced, professional engineers in our staff everyday with R& D work to renew itself.

We owe our expansion in the market for continuous development that has been yaking place in our factory. This indeeed has placed us among the most well established companies not only in Turkey nit also among international companies.
We are proud of our products that is occupying fairly well place in our market.
We have been exporting to Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Morocco, Tunisia.
These deals reflects the satisfaction of buyers of our machines quality and competitive prices

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